Winter Camping/Hiking

We drove up Saturday morning to the West Rattlesnake Mountain trailhead and hiked to the top with nice views overlooking Squam Lake. The weather was sunny and in the low 30s. The snow was 1-2 feet deep and packed enough so that we didn’t need our snowshoes. After lunch at the top, we drove to Sandwich and hiked with our backpacks to our camping site. The scouts dug snow trenches and prepared firewood. Since we had some time, we hiked over to Beede Falls which was covered with ice. We got back to camp in the twilight. Then we got the fire going in the cabin stove and made Mountain House dinners, smores and Jiffy popcorn.

Overnight the temperature dropped to the 20s. Some freezing rain came in the early morning hours and most scouts left their snow trenches for the cabin. Some water dripped from the tarps and they slid in their trenches too much because the trenches weren’t flat.

On Sunday morning, we packed up and hiked out and got breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and drove home as it started to rain.

Squam Lake from West Rattlesnake
West Rattlesnake trail
Trail to campsite
Preparing snow trenches
Beede Falls