Troop 71 US Flag Disposal Protocol

Flag boxes are located outside the side door at the Chatham VFW, 150 George Ryder Rd, and the inside the lobby of the Chatham Fire Department, 135 Depot Rd, for proper American flag disposal by Boy Scout Troop 71 Chatham. Each year, one scout (the Flag Coordinator) will be responsible for maintaining a schedule for the troop to check the boxes and bring the flags to the Scout Hall.  It is crucial that these boxes are routinely checked to avoid an overflow of flags. Should the boxes become full prior to the monthly check, the VFW or Fire Department will call the Flag Coordinator so that they can collect the flags.  Until they can be properly retired, flags will be respectfully stored in the troop gear room. They will be stored on shelves and will not touch the ground. Once a month, the flags will be disposed of by properly cutting up the flags. The American flags will be quartered, with one quarter consisting of the blue field of stars which will be left intact. Once the flag has been respectfully dismantled, it is no longer considered a flag and can be placed in a receptacle for disposal. If a camping trip is to occur where it is feasible to bring the flags along (i.e. not backpacking), then the flags will be retired by ceremonially burning them.