Turkey Shoot 2023

We arrived around 5pm Friday at the Stonewall campsite which was an especially nice campsite in a grove of tall pines and next to the ballfield. It was also the best location for getting to the Turkey Shoot events. We also had nice dry weather with temperatures in the 50s.

After setting up tents, we cooked rice and beef for our burrito dinner. We also made a good campfire. Then we went to the gun safety session at the camp pavilion.

On Saturday, we got up early and made a quick breakfast of bananas and toasted bagels. We got over to the shotguns right before opening at 8am and were the first troop to get to shoot. Then we went to archery. Next we got in line for rifles. There didn’t seem to be too many in line but the line moved very slowly. A little before lunch, the staff let us leave for lunch and held our spot for after lunch. A nice lunch was provided by the OA for $5 and included chicken soup, hot sandwich, pasta, chips and brownie. After lunch, we did get to do rifles without much more of a wait. Then we did tomahawk toss. We also had a basketball game of scouts vs dads with the dads surprisingly edging ahead on the scoring.

After some downtime including visiting the trading post, there was an awards ceremony with the top 5 finishers in each event getting a free turkey. Our troop won 4 turkeys with Xavier winning 1st place in rifles, Luca getting turkeys for both rifles and tomahawk, and Jake getting a turkey for tomahawk.

We went back to camp for spaghetti dinner with Texas toast and a good campfire. Then we went to the OA campfire program which had two bonfires and skits by the troops. All the scouts showed a good spirit of fun and respect for each other. After the campfire, the scouts played manhunt in the ballfield.

For Sunday morning, the scouts were up before dawn and restarted our fire. We made breakfast including bacon cooked on the fire and egg/cheese muffin sandwiches. Then we packed up and headed home.