Province Lands Bike Trip

We camped out at Wellfleet Hollow State Campground on Friday night and made spaghetti dinner. We had a campfire and made smores. The campground was less than half full and we had 6 campsites but the campmaster still hassled us about having 2 tents on a couple sites when the rule was 1 tent per site.

On Saturday morning, we made egg muffin breakfast sandwiches. Then a light rain started. We drove with our bikes up to the National Seashore Visitor Center at Province Lands. We biked clockwise around the Province Land bike trail loop. We took a side trip on the Hatches Harbor trail. It was a gravel and sand trail that we were able to ride on bikes on most of the time and walk our bikes when it got too sandy. We walked the last part of the trail out to the Race Point Lighthouse. Despite the light rain, we still had fun and made it back to the visitor center for a late lunch.

We drove to the Race Point beach to check it out but didn’t stay long since it was windy and wet. Then we drove back to camp. We had planned to camp Saturday night but we decided to pack up and head home since the camp staff was unfriendly and the weather forecast had heavier rain coming.