Mountain Biking/Hiking

On Saturday morning, we drove up to Highland Mountain Bike Park in NH. We started with a mountain bike riding lesson from their staff including how to lean into turns and keep looking ahead. Then we rode the lift up to the top of the mountain with our bikes. Similar to downhill skiing, there are different trails down the mountain with different difficulty levels. Going down was steep and curvy with banked turns and features like wooden bridges and boardwalks to ride over. It was opening day at the mountain. It was fairly busy and a sunny day. Everyone there seemed in good spirits which made for a fun time.

After biking, we drove to Greenfield State Park and got there at 6pm just in time to check in. The camps didn’t have the water turned on yet from winter shutoff. We had to get a gallon of water from the store for cooking our pasta. We also cooked meatballs and garlic bread on the fire which was a hit. Overnight was chilly in the low 30’s.

After breakfast on Sunday, we packed up camp and drove to Mt Wachusett. It was a clear and beautiful day for a hike. We hiked up from the south side. The trail was easy to follow and went through nice woods. It was fairly steep but not too long. From the top, we could see the Boston skyline and other mountains that we’ve climbed like Mt Monadnock and Mt Greylock. We ate lunch at the top and then hiked down and drove home.